About Us

X2 Global Media is a future focused design company.

Founded in 2015, X2 Global Media is a future focused Design Company based in Bangkok and leading the way in digital marketing. A flexible, creative and personable digital marketing agency, thanks to a tight knit collective fusing different personalities, backgrounds, nationalities, talents and skills but sharing a common passion for marketing. We are the new generation that were born into the digital world of online marketing.

In an era where everything changes at lightning speed, we lead brands into a digital world. We help brands take advantage of these challenges!

Our Core Values

Everything we do with you, from marketing planning to content strategy and website and app design, will be informed by an intimate understanding of the needs and behaviours of real people – your customers!

Hungry and Enthusiastic
Transparent and Committed
Innovative and Creative
Insightful and Respectful
Inspiring and Impactful
Client Satisfaction
Richard James

Founder & CEO

X2 Global Media is the design arm of X2 Group and is a full service media solutions provider delivering dynamic, creative digital media and technology solutions. Our bespoke approach allows us to create a nurtured and personalized experience that is individually tailored to each of our client’s needs.

X2 Media believes the function of design is letting design function well for our clients.


Lead Designer

X2 is about making things better. We go the extra mile, we go deeper, we keep on learning new things and better ourselves.

We love what we do and that's why it's X2.

Jennifer Llanes

Commercial & Accounting Manager

Patty Jommawun

Office Manager

Shruti Pandey

Marketing & Media Manager

Borut Korošec

Sales Manager

Charunl Patibut

Full Stack Developer

Daniel Htet

Graphic Designer

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