A digital agency crafting attractive & engaging brand experiences

X2 Global Media brings a fresh and energetic energy to its creations. Our purpose is to help guide your brand write its own unique story.

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Titan Cargo 

Your brand’s marketing strategy will help you define your brand and its success. No matter the scope of your business, getting help in planning a strategy and creating goals that work is key to your brand’s success.

Web Design


X2 Global Media designed and produced Jayapuri Logistics’ first website. Jayapuri Logistics is a freight forwarder located in Brunei.


G7 Logistics Networks

This is a design our team conceptualized for an up and coming logistics network.

This is just a small selection. You will find further examples of our work in our Portfolio.

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How we work

We get to understand the business and subject matter of each our clients
before focusing on every detail while creating a process that works


We take the time and effort to learn about your goals and what it is you want to achieve. We want to learn the nuances of your industry and brand to create visuals exclusive to you.

Great Ideas  

We like to think all of our ideas are great. But we save our greatest ideas for our clients. We brainstorm and devise concepts and designs that separate you from the crowd.


Timely and informed. We provide you with regular updates on the progress of your project. With a planned schedule we set deadlines and project review dates.

Happy Clients

Who doesn’t want happy clients? We strive for our clients to not only be happy about the end product but also during the entire creative process.

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