May 14, 2018

Our New Creative Catologue

Hey there! It’s been awhile since we last posted in the X2 Global Media blog. Sorry about that but we’ve been incredibly busy and for that reason it has been all hands on deck. Why have we been so busy? Over the months and days in the run up to 24 February we were creating materials and organising the entire sensory experience of the 5th Annual X2 Conference that was held in Hua Hin, Thailand and the immediately following 2nd Annual G7 Logistics Networks Conference on a resort island just off the coast of the Island of Phuket in Thailand.

What about after the conferences? We had some post-event work to do that included going through all the photo and video footage to identify the best pictures and video clips to share with the world. We also filter out the more unflattering photos because nobody wants a poorly timed speaking or eating picture floating around the internet. If you missed out on either of these events, we invite you to take a look at the conference sections in our quarterly magazines that were recently published to end the first quarter of 2018. One for X2 and the first ever issue for G7N.

Now that all of that is out of the way we can reveal our newly created downloadable PDF brochure that outlines our services and also defines how our services can help your business. The new X2 Global Media Creative Catalogue presents all of our services and examples from our portfolio in a fast download and quick to read format document.

What services do we highlight in our Creative Catalogue?

Websites: We will design and build your new or renewed website?

Graphic Design: We design logos, digital documents, and printed items such as business cards and marketing brochures.

Event Collateral: Booths, badges, and other event related design items.

Social Media: We’ll manage your social media accounts so you can focus on developing your business and growing your revenue.

Check out our Creative Catalogue and contact us today to discuss how X2 Global Media can help you.