May 31, 2016

Logistics: The $350 billion opportunity tech hasn’t cracked yet

written by administratorius
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Today it is vitally important that goods move from origin to destination smoothly and efficiently. Customers increasingly expect instant information, tracking and delivery details for the products they order. For the global logistics industry this means more pressure to innovate and use technology-based solutions.

Recently Jaime Jimenez of iContainers pointed out three areas the logistics industry should examine as it considers innovation. See them below and we’d also like to add another important area of digital marketing.

1.  Price transparency (and abolishing General Rate Increase)

Where does all the cash go in such a massive and competitive industry? Prices can suddenly increase and customers are left in the dark. Technology can help remove the secrecy of rates and pricing. This could also provide better service and increase the efficiency in the industry.

2.  Supporting small exporters 

The  “elimination of the middleman” is a cliché in business. But for many independent companies in the freight industry their middleman connections are the only reason they exist. If small exporters are able to use technology
to get accurate rates faster they won’t need the middleman.

Logistics companies would be well served to focus on solutions that add value for small exporters and businesses.


3.  Bureaucracy and language barriers 

Let’s face it. Logistics is not as exciting as fashion, entertainment or build self driving cars. But everything has to move from manufacturer to consumer. The supply chain is real. So what if technology can help eliminate the roadblocks of complicated bureaucracies and language barriers? In today’s always connected, 24-hour, global marketplace more than ever time is money.

4. Social Media and Digital Marketing

In addition social media presents amazing opportunities to connect with the consumer and business marketplace. Freight forwarders are increasingly sharing news about their moves on platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Communities are developing on Google+.
Competition is only going to increase in the logistics industry. By embracing and effectively utilizing technology solutions the smart companies can gain a competitive advantage today.