Jan 22, 2017

Social Media for Freight Forwarders (INFOGRAPHIC)

written by X2Global Media
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Benefits of Social Media for Freight-Forwarders

Social media for freight forwarders can provide significant benefits for their global business. But our research shows that many companies in the industry have a weak presence. One of the main reasons for that, is because Social Media is fairly new. And in the Logistics/Freight-Forwarding industry it is basically unheard of. But that is the main reason we have compiled all this information for you. It is best to stay ahead of the game in this industry.

Through our research we have found that, social media Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter are most valuable in the Logistics Industry. And amongst those three, LinkedIn is most valuable as it is essentially a B2B Social network.

Check out the infographic to learn why you need a social media presence and the top platforms to utilize. 

Social Media Infographic