Mar 23, 2017

Best time to post on Social Media in Logistics (INFOGRAPHIC)

Social Media in Logistics? Really?

Social Media in Logistics & Freight Forwarding is rather new. But in the digitized world that we live in today, that is quickly changing. And is also one of  the main reasons why you need to be on it now as a first mover. Because in 2-5 years Social Media is going to be one of the most important tools in the Freight Industry. Social Media in Logistics is going to be a major player, best to get on board that train Now!

One of the best ways to increase your Digital Footprint and improve your Brand image is via. Social Media. A common misconception is that only the content that you create is what makes or breaks your social media strategy. While that maybe true, there is also a certain science behind using Social Media. And one of the most important aspects to that is Timing! 

What does timing have to do with Social Media?

Timing is a very tricky subject when it comes to Social Media, and even more so for Social Media in the Freight Forwarding industry. Because the Logistics industry is such a global one, it is hard to set a specific time to post. The best way to post would be to follow the sage old rule of “Trial & Error” & then check the analytics for your respective Social Network to find the time that best fits your page.

But that sounds hard!

For that sole reason, the good people at X2 Global Media have done the research for you & broken down 3 of the biggest Social Media Networks namely Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn based on what days & times are best to post. And in true Logistics Style we have also added multiple graphs.

Scroll down below to view the full infographic….

Infographic explaining the Best days and times to post on Social Media in Logistics

What are your thoughts on the matter? Did your research garner different times that proved to better your impression & engagement rate? Write us a comment below & let us know.


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