May 15, 2017

The Unconventional Guide to Social Media for Freight-Forwarders

written by X2Global Media
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Q. Why do I need Social Media?

Social Media in logistics is fairly new, but it is one Train that you need to be on Board. The number of people on Social Media has been growing exponentially. Facebook for example, it was started in 2004 and in 2009 boasted of 400 Million active monthly users, this at the time was an incredible achievement. To put this in perspective, here is an infographic from 11 years ago:

And as of today Facebook has become bigger than the largest country in the World.  Facebook now boasts of over 1.55 Billion active monthly users. If someone had predicted this would be the case, even Mark Zuckerberg would’ve scoffed at it.

But this is only one social network.  There are a dozen more Networks that Millions of people are active on, on a daily basis. Glance at the infographic below for a more clear picture:

Q. Social Media is great, but I don’t see how it will work in the Freight Forwarding Industry?

Social Media has its advantages in literally every industry. The Freight Forwarding Industry has been dubbed as the “Un-Sexiest Industry”. Be that as it may, Maersk only saw this as an opportunity.  They came up with a Strong Social Media Strategy. The Maersk Line Facebook page has over 1.1 million likes, Twitter page has over 120,000 followers & their LinkedIn Page has 150,000 followers. Maersk Line have had some great success with social media – using Facebook to engage with followers in a very visual and conversational manner, Twitter as a news outlet, and LinkedIn as a B2C platform in terms of Company page and groups usage. The company can boast one of the best social media presences for a B2B company and serves as an example for many organisations struggling to get their head around social.

On board yet? Great. This article will provide you with hints & tips & basic Walkthroughs to help you get up and Running. Pretty soon you will be in Par with Maersk.


We are going to try and keep this as short & simple as possible:


Got your page setup? Great!

  1. The First thing you do after you setup your page is to “beautify” yourself.  It is always best to use the Logo of your company as the profile picture & to have a very catchy, vibrant cover image.

A common mistake that many people make as they’re diving into social engagement is to limit their content to promotional updates. This is reflective of the traditional marketing world in which all outbound push messaging is just that, but things have changed; now we build our marketing efforts on trust, engagement, and community.

So it is best practise not to just drown your Fans with promotional content. The good Folks at X2 have broken this down mainly for Freight-Forwarders.

Would be best to follow the Golden Ratio for Social Media Marketing

30/ 60/ 10

30 – Owned

60 – Curated

10 – Promotional

30% of what you post should be content that you created.

60% of what you post should be content that you curated

10% of what’s left is self-promotional content

30% Owned:

This can include your blogs, Images, videos, your slides. This could be content that is hosted on your domain (Website) or elsewhere.

60% Curated:

This includes content that other people created that is relevant to your business/industry. Be aware that it cannot just be a link to an article, it has to be in your voice & P.O.V.

10% Promotional:

This includes your C.T.A (call to action) e.g. 30% off on all purchases.

Tools you need

A good way to find content that might interest your followers is to use some 3rd party tools that will help even the most time constraint individual.

For News & Interesting blogs:

It is time consuming to google and search for news relevant to your industry, a more time efficient way to counter this issue is by using content finding applications like

a.     Digg

b.     Stumble Upon

c.     Flip Board

Once you register to these websites, you will have to enter your relevant keywords on the website, so for X2 the relevant keywords would be Logistics, Freight forwarding, Supply Chain, Freight Network and so forth. You will get daily notifications on what articles are trending in your industry.

For Designing:

Not a Graphic Designer? Cannot afford to hire a Graphic Designer. You can use some 3rd party tools that will help you make some basic designs like Blog headers / Cover images. The best tool for this is

a.     Canva

Or do you need to make a Brochure? X2 GLOBAL MEDIA will do that for you, FOR FREE!! *Only applicable for X2 Members

For Publishing:

Don’t have the time to log-into each of your social media accounts and publish content individually? There are 100’s of 3rd party publishing apps that will help you publish content in various different platforms all at the same time. Some of the best tools for this are:

a.     Hootsuite

b.     Buffer

c.     Agorapulse

These are a bit expensive if you have more than 10 profiles. But if you have the basic 1 profile for FB, LinkedIn & Twitter. You can use these apps for free with the basic functions & Analytics.


This is barely scratching the surface of all the advantages and various uses Social Media poses for the Logistics Industry. But it’s a start!

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?