May 12, 2016

Boost Revenue with a Strong Online Presence

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In the “Age of Internet” data suggests that 97% of consumers use the web to find local businesses. When it comes to logistics, positive feedback and word of mouth is important in developing a strong customer base and acquiring new customers especially for smaller businesses and local enterprises. How many customers were referred to your business and how many are repeat customers? If this number is even a small percentage of revenue than having a strong online presence can increase your profit substantially.

A Strong Website with SEO

The main advantage to having a strong Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website is higher visibility. Whether a customer is in need of personalized service in shipping valuables across the world or maybe they are looking for a company that can receive goods on the other end, being in the top tier of a search engine like Google or Bing can be the deciding factor in bringing in the business. Bear in mind when a programmer builds your website it is beneficial that they have an understanding of your industry to insure your popularity in search engine ranking and drive customer flow to your domain. Impress the customer with a professional website and positive reviews and the business is yours, which brings us to our next topic of social media.

Social Media
In the world of marketing, social media is beneficial in building customer loyalty and is many times the deciding factor whether a customer chooses a company. Social media allows customers and potential customers to engage in reviews, tips, photos and general information about your business, which can be monitored for content. While relatively new and many companies have been succeeding for decades without it social media is a great way to draw in new customers, especially for growing businesses. Groups like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn have millions of users and the great thing is they allow you to target a specific demographic by joining groups and searching out customers in need of the services you provide.

When a customer visits your website or social media page they are engaging in your brand and essentially building its presence for you. Increasing your online presence is often a low cost with a large reward.

About the Author: Matt Scott is originally from New York and now resides in Bangkok, Thailand working with clients from around the globe in the X2 Network. His role involves helping businesses of all sizes improve marketing strategy and increase revenue through the use of media. Reach him at matt@x2globalmedia.com